Durango, CO
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About the Owner

My name is Jim Daly and I am the owner of Custom Landscapes. I have been in the
landscape industry for 33 years, starting in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1978.
I started Custom Landscapes in 1981.

My family and I moved to Durango in the summer of 2000. We wanted to enjoy the
weather and the other great outdoor activities in the area. I
continued my business here and have been enjoying the lifestyle.

Educating you about the landscape process is an important part of my focus. I
want to help you understand the details of installation and the proper sequence
of work events on your project. The more information I give you, the better you
will appreciate my attention to detail and quality. I am on site, enjoy the
work, and truly care about the finished product.

  • I have 33 years of field experience
  • I design practical and pleasing landscape
  • I will help you develop a landscape that will mature nicely in the years to come
  • I know Durango’s climate and will help you choose the best trees and plants for this area
  • I have the equipment to do any size job
  • I am trustworthy and honest

Custom Landscapes Owner - Jim Daly