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Patios and Driveways

The layout and installation of driveways, parking areas, patios and walkways is a very important part of the landscape and landscape design. It determines how you move and gather on your site.  This layout requires many detailed decisions, and items that need to be considered up-front during the design phase.

  • The driveways and parking areas require a minimum of 8 inch layer of large aggregate sub base with 2-4 inches of smaller gravel on top
  • Walkways and patios generally require a 6 inch compacted base before the leveling layer of sand is installed
  • Paving material include flag stone, brick, or manufactured concrete pavers -Concrete sidewalks are also an option
  • The proper base preparation keeps our surface solid and helps prevent heaving of the paving material during the winter
  • Certain soil conditions may warrant a more extensive base preparation to insure long term durability

We often install walkways and patios and sitting areas of a fine gravel without any pavers. This offers a different ‘feel’ and much loser cost.  Then, at a later time, flagstone or brick can installed on this surface.

The planting beds are laid out after location and size of the walkways, patios, parking areas are decided on.

Custom Landscapes cares about installing our hardscapes properly.

Patio-Driveway example