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Landscape Renovation

Landscape renovations are a welcome challenge and are very gratifying to both my clients and me. 

A renovation can incorporates a wide range of changes to your landscape:

  • From simple pruning
  • To adding perennial color, and re-mulching the plant beds
  • Sometimes we remove all existing plants, reform the beds, and install new plantings and mulch
  • A more complex renovation could include removal of sheds, decks, fences, sidewalks and overgrown trees or shrubs
  • We may build or move a parking area and dramatically change the entry to your home.

We often design areas to be lower maintenance. Our goal is to create a more functional and beautiful area. We have the expertise and equipment to complete a small or large renovation.

With our 30 years experience, I can implement practical solutions to many problems.

Rework of Landscape

Our Machinery

Custom Landscapes owns 2 bobcat skid loaders and many different attachments. The machines enable me to properly grade your site to get surface water away from the house. ‘Stream beds’ are sometimes lined with rubber and filled with stone to catch and direct water away from the house.

In some cases, we install surface or subsurface drains to collect water and run this water to a designated place, and whenever possible we use this run off to water certain areas of the landscape. Drainage work is ideally done before a landscape is completed.

Our machines are also frequently used to perform the following tasks.

  • deliver soil, plants, mulch, boulders, etc. as we need them.
  • move and plant large trees
  • move and grade soil
  • create berms
  • set large rocks and stone steps
  • excavate for hardscapes (patios, walks, etc)
  • move large amounts of decorative gravel
  • dig for retaining wall installation, creating terraces, soil preparation for seed/sod
  • stump and rock removal and any demolition work.
  • We also have the ability to haul away any debris.

With out extensive knowledge and experience with these machines, many difficult tasks are accomplished relatively quickly. Most clients are quite amazed.